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Henrietta and Gerhard Egger, authors of the new food and produce book, Source New Zealand.

Henrietta and Gerhard Egger have turned their fascination with Aotearoa’s scenery and resources into a new book.

Their Source New Zealand, with more than 30 personal stories and lots of photos, takes readers on an adventuresome food trip around the country.

On the Rotorua couple’s journey of 15 months, they stopped into Clevedon Coast Oysters in South-East Auckland.

Callum McCallum with his two sons Fraser and Nelson outside Clevedon Coast Oysters. Their story is told in Source New Zealand.

“The McCallum family and staff from Clevedon Coast Oysters have had their share of natural disasters this year with the flooding and mud left in the wake of the cyclones that hit in April,” Henrietta says.

“It’s therefore great to see the story behind this family.

“We’re passionate about New Zealand, our natural scenery and lifestyle, the quality of the products produced and the enthusiasm of the people involved.”

Read full article from Eastern Courier August 15 2017

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