Premium Clevedon Coast Oysters have been grown in the clean, clear waters of New Zealand’s Hauraki Gulf since 1986.
We cultivate, harvest and process only the juciest, ripest oysters from our two farming areas on the Clevedon Coast and Waiheke Island.

Our oysters are:

  • Naturally grown in USFDA certified waters in the Hauraki Gulf
  • Waters tested weekly for contamination and toxic algae blooms
  • Processed in MAF approved premises

When landed, we carefully select oysters that meet or exceed export specifications before distributing them to locations at home in New Zealand and all over the world.  Growing waters are approved under the United States Food and Drug Administration standards and the New Zealand government National Shellfish Sanitation Programme.

Our commitment at Clevedon Coast to a completely natural oyster is a long term philosophy. We take great pride in being recognised as an international leader in the production of natural oysters.

Growing our oysters

Oyster Products

Clevedon Coast Oysters® ® are available in a variety of styles including whole shell (live and frozen) and on the half shell (fresh chilled and frozen). There is also limited volume of oyster meat (fresh or IQF).
Our oysters are carefully selected to meet strict criteria, for shape, length, depth and meat content. It is our philosophy that only the very best oysters will be selected for the Clevedon Coast brand.

Chilled Live Oysters

The inter-tidal growing method used gives a hardy oyster with a minimum live shelf life of 7 days from harvest when basic handling instructions are maintained (store at 4-6°C).

Chilled Half Shell Oysters

Offering the same taste sensation as live oysters with the added benefit of each oyster being carefully selected and presented in an easy to use style. The recommended shelf life is 5 days from opening when basic handling instructions are maintained.

Frozen Half Shell Oysters

The oysters are harvested and processed at their peak condition.  They are available as required. Simply remove from the freezer and defrost (or cook from frozen) as needed.

Chilled Oyster Meat

Available in pottles

Product Grading





Bulk Packaging

Chilled Fresh Half Shell

450mm x 375mm x 210mm

Oyster Size Oysters per Pack
Clevedon Pearls 12 1/2 Dozen (150 pieces)
Large or Premium 10 Dozen (120 pieces)

450mm x 315mm x 155mm

Oyster Size Oysters per Pack
Clevedon Pearls 5 Dozen (60 pieces)
Large or Premium 5 Dozen (60 pieces)

Chilled Live Whole Shell Polybin

450mm x 375mm x 240mm

Oyster Size Oysters per pack
Clevedon Pearls 12 1/2 Dozen (150 pieces)
Large or Premium 10 Dozen (120 pieces)

Frozen Halfshell Box

420mm x 325mm x 145mm

Oyster Size Oysters per Pack
Clevedon Pearls 12 1/2 Doz (150 pieces)
Large or Premium 10 Doz (120 pieces)
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