Summer Harvest

Summer Harvest

During summer we sell “Summer Harvest Oysters®”  to enjoy during the spawning season.

At Clevedon Coast Oysters® we are committed to producing the best 100% naturally grown, wild caught oysters.
During the summer months when natural oysters lose condition after spawning we brand our oysters “Summer Harvest” .

To minimise this condition change, we at Clevedon Coast Oysters grow our “Summer Harvest Oysters”® in deeper cooler water which maintains their condition better than when they are exposed to the hot summer sun directly.

During the summer when the oysters are in spawning condition, their condition will vary, depending upon water temperature. Rather than being fat and plump as they are in winter, the oysters vary between being creamy and once spawned, they are leaner with a sharper salty taste.

Clevedon Coast Oysters® are Certified Organic, and as a result of this the farms and factory are regularly audited by Asure Quality. As part of our commitment to growing natural, organic oysters we do not grow genetically modified oysters such as triploid oysters, sourced from a hatchery where oysters are mass produced, genetically modified to stop them spawning, and live their whole lives in plastic growing structures, similar to battery chickens. Hatchery oysters are all the same shape, as if produced in a production line machine, compared to natural oysters with each individual oyster having its own shape, natural character and taste!

While our natural oysters may not be as good condition as genetically modified ones during the summer, our “Summer Harvest Oysters”® are wild caught and natural, and we are proud to bring them to our discerning customers who appreciate a natural product.

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