Premium Clevedon Coast Oysters® have been grown in the clean, clear waters of New Zealand’s Hauraki Gulf since 1986.

We grow organic pacific oysters for the local domestic market and export overseas from our MPI certified factory at 914 Clevedon Kawakawa Bay Road Clevedon, 2585, Auckland, New Zealand.

Clevedon Coast Oysters® forms part of the wider McCallum Group of Companies which includes McCallum Bros Limited® and The McCallum Residence®.

Our oysters are:

  • Organically grown in USFDA certified waters in the Hauraki Gulf.
  • Processed in NZ Food Safety Authority audited premises approved for export to Japan, USA, EU, and the rest of the world.

WE ARE OPEN FOR ONLINE SALES to be picked up or delivered. See our shop page.

Clevedon Celebrates

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The Oyster Galley

HOURS: Saturday-Sunday 10:00am – 4:00pm

Enjoy premium oyster takeaways to go from our food galley open SATURDAY – SUNDAY 10am – 4pm.
CLOSED Monday-Friday.


The McCallum Residence

For the first time ever, the McCallum family have opened the doors to their historic Homestead (“the Residence”). Nestled on a private beach on the Clevedon Coast in Auckland, New Zealand, the Residence will allow you to journey back in time to the elegance of country gentry life.

You will be welcomed by a private Butler who will help facilitate your stay where you will have exclusive use of the facilities.

Our sister company Clevedon Coast Oysters® is within three minutes drive from the Residence and offers outdoor seating and tasting options.

Waitawa Regional Park

1168 Clevedon-Kawakawa Road, Kawakawa Bay

Just south of Clevedon Coast Oysters shop, Waitawa Regional Park offers a number of walks, mountain bike tracks, bays and campgrounds. See here for details

Get Your Boots On

The glowing sunrises and working besides dolphins pods alone would be worth getting up for every day but oyster farmer Jacob Thompson also gets a work-out on the job – and he’s paid for it

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Summer Harvest

During summer we sell “Summer Harvest Oysters®”  to enjoy during the spawning season.

At Clevedon Coast Oysters® we are committed to producing the best 100% naturally grown, wild caught oysters. During the summer months we brand our oysters “Summer Harvest.”

Natural oysters lose condition after spawning, a process where they release reproductive cells into the water column in the hope of creating new oysters. This process creates genetic variation and resilience in our oysters as well as driving natural selection in the direction of quality.  

To minimise this condition change, we at Clevedon Coast Oysters grow our “Summer Harvest Oysters®” in deeper cooler water which maintains their condition better than when they are exposed to the hot summer sun directly.

During the summer when the oysters are in spawning condition, their condition will vary, depending upon water temperature. Rather than being fat and plump as they are in winter, the oysters vary between being creamy and once spawned, they are leaner with a sharper salty taste.

Clevedon Coast Oysters® are Certified Organic, and as a result of this the farms and factory are regularly audited by Asure Quality. As part of our commitment to growing natural, organic oysters we do not grow genetically altered oysters (which do not spawn in the summer and have very little to no variation in quality year-round). Instead, our natural, organic oysters have their own shape, natural character, and taste!

We hope you understand that while more variable, we are proud to bring our “Summer Harvest Oysters®” to our discerning customers who appreciate a natural product. As summer draws to a close and water temperature cools, each unique oyster will draw nutrients from the rich Hauraki Gulf waters to return to the premium quality we pride ourselves on.

Our sister company Excelsior Poultry Grit has closed down but we are hoping to be able to offer Oyster Shell Grit again soon.
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