Oyster Facts

Oysters have many health benefits

Oysters are full of Zinc, Iron, Essential Amino Acids, Taurine, Hypo taurine and Calcium. Zinc is great for making you feel good. It helps maintaining high energy levels boosts your immune system. Calcium for strong bones.Taurine and Hypotaurine help to reduce blood cholesterol levels.

Not all oysters make pearls

Edible oysters belong to the family ostreidae, pearl oysters are part of the pteriidae family. They also live in different parts of the ocean, edible oysters live near the surface while pearl oysters thrive in the deep ocean.  

Oysters taste better in the winter

Oysters can be eaten all year round, however during the winter months, when the water is cold, food is plentiful and like us oysters like to do very little and eat lots. This results in big juicy oysters. When summer arrives, the water warms up and oysters are more concerned with spawning and use up the reserves they have put on during the winter.

Oysters help plants grow

The shells are great for helping your garden flourish. The reason for this is calcium, and the oyster shell is chock-full of it. This chemical can improve the soil’s pH balance, adds nutrients to the plants and strengthens their cell walls, all of which leads to healthy produce and brighter flowers.

Oysters provide an ecosystem service

Oysters are filter feeders. They consume microscopic plankton, bacteria and suspended particles by filtering water at a rate of up to 4 – 5 litres per hour.

Oysters change sex

Oysters change sex during their lifetime. They start out as males and spawn in their early life. After around two or three years of growing larger and developing more energy reserves, the oysters then spawn as females. Oysters spawn between December and March, spawning is triggered by increased water temperatures and suitable tides and currents. There is no way of telling male oysters from female oysters by examining the shell.


Our commitment at Clevedon Coast to a completely natural oyster is a long term philosophy. We take great pride in being recognised as an international leader in the production of natural oysters.

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